Please Help Me With This Question (4 Parts) It’S Chemical Biology Related

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Secret government files are uncovered that reveal the discovery of life on Mars!
Martian organisms have DNA similar to Earth (Terran) DNA, but with a different
set of bases, shown below. The bases are uniquely Martian.
NH 2
a. Physical studies of Martian DNA reveal a double helix, suggesting the presence
of paired bases. Draw the most likely base pairs (1 and 2) on Mars and justify
your answer. (R = site of attachment to ribose sugar)
b. Scientists attempt to interpret the Martian genetic code by first transforming it into
a Terran counterpart using PCR. DNA polymerase is able to quot;readquot; Martian
DNA, but the scientists find that only some of the Martian bases form stable pairs
with the Terran ones. Please draw the potential base pairs and comment on
their stability.
c. Attempts to culture Martian organisms on Earth fail; apparently, Martian DNA is
stable at the colder temperatures on Mars but sometimes denatures at the
warmer temperatures of Earth. Explain why Martian duplex DNA could be less
stable than Terran duplex DNA.
d. If you attempted to isolate a Martian DNA gene using PCR, how would the typical
quot;meltquot; and quot;annealquot; temperatures be affected if there was a preponderance of
base pair 1 (from a)? What about base pair 2 (from a)?Science