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How Sickle Cell Disease Works- First Model Sickle cell disease is an inherited disease that affects human life by changing the red round cells of the person into a crescent shape which looks just like the moon. The small round red pieces represent the blood cells. A sickle in my explanation looks like a blade that is curved in which it cuts the red round blood cells. In a normal human body of a person, the cells move around the body in the blood vessels. In my case the blood vessels are represented by the thick pipe that has a thin way through. When the red pieces roll up and down the thick pipe it represents the red blood cells flowing through the blood vessels. The red cells are well known for transporting oxygen to other parts of the human body. As the curved piece blocks the moving red pieces it represents the red blood cells being affected by the sickle as they move and changes their shape to oval. What happens is that the sickle celled cells get stuck on the way just like the stopped red piece when they are moving in the blood vessels. As a result oxygen is stopped from being distributed into the body causing pain in the sick body. This effect can affect other body parts like the body organs, the bones and the muscles. How Sickle Cell Disease Works- Second ModelThis model art represents the affected cells and their movement. The two pendulums represent the pumping of blood in the human body. As the pendulum swings, it introduces a new force and makes the pieces to move. As one square piece moves, it exerts force to the other piece making them to move slightly. The small square pieces represent the affected cells which do not move to circulate oxygen to the entire body of a human person. This creates redundancy in the blood cells movement hence oxygen is not circulated fully. People with sickle cell disease face a lot of pain and problems and hence their life span is reduced. This is one of the best visual arts represented which clearly shows how the affected red cells find it difficult to move in the blood vessels. The tray in which the square pieces move represents the blood vessel. Ever taught the cause of Sickle Cell? Well, it is a disease that is normally inherited mostly from a parent to a child. The child is so unlucky that he or she gets a gene from each of the parents (Father and Mother). When a child carries only one gene of the Sickle cell, he or she becomes a carrier. From this simple explanation, you now know how sickle cell works.ReferencesBLOOM, M. (1995). Understanding Sickle Cell Disease. Jackson, University Press of Mississippi.