Platos Symposium

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The party begins with the gentlemen sitting down to eat. Once the meal is over, the gentlemen agree not to drink heavily that night. As each speech ends, another one begins. When they were finished, they all agree on who had the best speech. Each speech builds on the previous speeches and slightly alters the previous speaker’s message. Ultimately, Socrates speaks and proposes an entirely new understanding of love.In Plato’s Symposium the second speaker, Pausanias begins deliberation on love following the speech given by Phaedrus. In great part, Pausania’s speech functions to expand on Phaedrus’ categorization of love, and deepen its meaning. While Phaedrus establishes the transcendence and significance of love, Pausania’s discussion notes that there are certain sorts of love that can be valued higher than others.Pausanias categorizes love by the main idea: love may be good or bad depending on the performance of the two lovers. Pausanias acknowledged the importance of performance by using these words, turn out in this or that way according to the mode of performing them. and when well done they are all good and when wrongly done they are evil… (Plato, Symposium Pg126). I agree with Pausanias because our performance style makes our work good or bad. For example, when the nuclear fission technology was founded, scientists thought that the world’s energy problems would be solved. When they used that technology in atom bombs and in Chernobyl, thousands of people died and permanent damages were made to the environment.Pausanias states that noble love is heavenly love, which is a love of soul rather than the body. The other kind of love — the common love — is the love of common people and it is random. I disagree with Pausanias about the common love. I think common love is as sanctimonious as ‘heavenly’ love and humans need that kind of love because of biological desires.