Platinum Learning Activity 3 Elder Interview

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His wife is a human resource manager in a retail store. His eldest son is now married while the two daughters are still at the university. The respondent lays emphasis on the importance of university education.The respondent has just retired from his job as a private investigator for an insurance company. He has spent a good part of adulthood working for various insurance companies. He lives with his family in Chicago in a decent house. He has three children, one son and two daughters. The son is married while the two daughters are still in the university pursuing careers in law and economics. His income has enabled them to live a fairly comfortable life. His wife is a human resource manager in one of the largest retail stores in the US. She is also approaching retirement age.He is generally happy with the course his life has taken. His income from his job as a private investigator has enabled him buy a decent home in Chicago. This is greatly supplemented by his wife’s income, and together, they have been able to make enough savings to sustain them in their old age. The eldest son is now working and can fend for himself and his wife. They have enough wherewithals to sustain their two daughters at the university with little difficulty. He is generally happy with the progress he has made family-wise.Nevertheless, he considers his health a major challenge. Owing to his age, his health is never perfect. He suffers from incessant bouts of high blood pressure, something that is not covered by health insurance. This is because he signed up for the health insurance when pre-existing conditions were a factor. Consequently, he is not completely covered. This implies that he may experience problems when his condition gets more acute because it would cost his family a considerable portion of their fortune.Nevertheless, he reflects upon his past with mixed feelings. There were times when