Planned Parenthood

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The Planned Parenthood website is easily accessible and their page design contains comprehensive amount of information on the organization, on various health-related services including abortion, birth control, sex and sexuality, and STDs, among others, and on getting involved. The design is well thought of, appropriately organized and attractive enough for various viewers who are in the delicate situation of encountering some dilemma on the abovementioned health and ethical issues. The colors used (blue, orange, gray on white background) is highly professional and apt.

The writers and advocates of Planned Parenthood aimed “to provide comprehensive reproductive and complementary health care services in settings which preserve and protect the essential privacy and rights of each individual” (Planned Parenthood: Mission, 2010, par. 2). In this regard, this medium is effective in terms of stimulating critical information on controversial health issues (abortion, sexual orientation) without necessarily compromising confidentiality concerns. The page provides additional windows for locating a health center by providing one’s zip code or state. Teenagers, who could benefit most from learning through this site, are given opportunities to ask experts or to watch relevant videos on diverse topics. This is the most effective medium for adolescents who are afraid or embarrassed to ask adults on the subject of sex education. It also provided tools for both parents and educators faced with issues on human sexuality and the dilemma of searching for ways and means to share critical information to the children.

The page design is holistic in its approach for information dissemination and provision for assistance. However, the site is rarely advertised and since the title is Planned Parenthood, adolescents might not tap or access the website without being given enough promotion. In this regard, the writers and advocates of the program can give flyers and brochures to schools and even in shopping malls where teenagers usually gather. It is necessary for both promoters and viewers of the site to be vigilant and concerned in strictly complying with ethical standards to monitor adherence to an ethical culture required by every citizen the world over.