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A&quot PLUS WORK IN 15 HOURS”During this unit, you will submit your final research paper. The final research paper will consist of the following components: (1) the overview section submitted in Unit V as part I of the paper, (2) the review of literature submitted in Unit V as part I of the paper, and (3) an evaluation of how the selected theory impacts an individual’s decision to commit crime, which will be added in this unit. Information presented for this unit should be supported with scholarly resources as noted in Unit V. (UNIT 5 PAPER ATTACHED)First, you should add a section on your selected theory’s effect on an individual and society. In this section, you should do the following:1) Discuss how the selected theory affects an individual’s decision to commit crime.2) Give an example of a criminal action and explain how it relates to this theory. Be sure to also discuss how this criminal behavior affects society.3) Summarize how this theory is supported by crime data that aims to target solutions intended to eradicate criminal behavior.Your paper must be a minimum of five pages, and it should be in APA style as detailed by the guidelines below. You must use a minimum of five peer-review scholarly resources total, and any information from these sources should be cited and referenced in APA style.28/03/202025law