Philosophy about Personal Worldview

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My view of personhood with us as constructs made as models of God, not separated from the divine, it assists in developing a type of leadership that is supportive and caring. There is a concept in management called transformational leadership where the individual leads by inspiration, charisma, as a teacher and one who tries to gain loyalty. This is my preferred leadership style as it satisfies many of the rights versus wrong concepts laid out by the divine in many holy texts, but also helps develop others to have these same characteristics that the divine would find acceptable. By being a role model that inspires others, I believe I not only improve my standing with the divine but provide a lasting impact on human history by changing minds in the community. Deming (2002) says that 85 percent of all failures in business are due to management incompetence or failure to lead. This is a profound statement that would seem to justify the need for transformational to ensure loyalty is gained by others so that the organization can thrive as a system of interdependent individuals. Loyalty is gained through these practical and fair behaviors of treatment toward others. It would seem, to me, that a business leader must abandon some of their self-serving, political objectives in favor of assisting and developing others in order to have a successful organization.This might be, in my opinion, and based on theory, the best way to ensure that the organization does not experience significant failures stemming from a single individual. …
w is a commitment, a fundamental orientation of the heart, that can be expressed in a set of suppositions (either true or false), that we hold about reality (Sire, 2009, p.20). Thus, my somewhat unjustified view of death and some other elements of the reality of God and the universe are supported by Sire (2009) who illustrates that worldview can be based on fiction. However, after spending many years trying to consider the realities of death and life, it seems that my worldview is, at least, logical based on the seemingly arbitrary attitude of God about the constant instances of death across the world. I believe it is because of the joy of his re-emergence in society that it is possible, as mentioned by Sire, to know nothing at all. There is a saying in community that God works in mysterious ways and it would certainly seem so. Those who look at the world and see heartlessness, selfishness and other hardships could certainly be justified, if they have faith in the divine, to suggest that God is indifferent and, perhaps, even a bit callous to allow these situations to occur. However, I believe that the depth of his purpose will ultimately be revealed to all of humanity so that everyone with a mind to discern and a heart to feel will understand its constructs and ultimate intentions. Thus, my worldview is one of hope in the midst of the insensible and irrational in which divinity will ultimately provide for those who find a place for him in their hearts and try to abide by his precepts. We learn right and wrong from religious doctrine and thus we are free-minded, autonomous beings given the chance as to compliance or to disobedience that will determine our long-term fate in destiny and as a part of the broader universe. This is my understanding of personhood as it