PHI 203 Ethics Essay

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Write a 6-7 page paper on one of the initial cases Rachels discussed in his first chapter: Baby Theresa, Jodie and Mary, or Tracy Latimer.Content:A) Introduction -briefly state what case you will examine, and state your thesis (your moral view of the case)B) Body – briefly describe the case, then using distinct paragraphs apply each of the following 3 dominant, normative theories we studied this term to the case:Utilitarianism (especially Rule Utilitarianism)Aquinas’s Natural Law Approach Kantian DeontologyWhen applying each theory, you need to first discuss the core elements of each of the theories and the moral principle(s) that proponents of the theory would apply to the case you are examining. You should devote at least 1.6 to 2 pages to each of these theories.C) In your conclusion you may develop your own moral argument regarding your case. But, you must clearly develop your position, including the moral principle or principles you base your moral argument upon. For this purpose the other normative theories Rachels covered in his book are fair game — Social Contract Approach, Ethics of Care, and Virtue theoretic approaches. NOTE: Non-normative theories including Subjectivism, Moral Relativism, and Egoism cannot be applied, since they are not theories about specific moral beliefs. 01/05/202030socialscience