Phenomenon Water War

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We in the Americas applaud other countries for opening up their countries to the capitalistic view of free marketing and business. Ironically, we are moving more toward socialism every day. The best example of all is our airports. Government owns most of the airports in America, not individuals or private business. Government owned airports are a classic paradigm of socialist planning. It encompasses a central political board, and not a private property system with free market pricing. The result is the same as in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. long lines in and out of the America’s airports. We here in American were under the consensus that the long lines were due mainly to security checks. Government and politicians here would have us believe that our response to socialism is: Tax us more so that we can have more of our money put into our publicly-owned airports. Yet it would appear most Americans would scream privatization. but still hand it off to government. The second perception of socialism was expressed by Karl Marx: From each according to ability, to each according to need. How do you conceive that statement? Viewing the statement in a broad sense, means taking from those with the ability to produce and giving to those with the greatest need. The Marxist view is that the political process should be used to take from those who have money to give to those whom the politicians and bureaucrats believe need it more. This entire concept is being totally rejected by the people in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union as Political Stealing. The Marxist statement gives free reign to government, politicians and bureaucrats to decide who is in need of benefits, and from whom it will be taken. All the while Americans continue to favor privatization but continue to let government control the outcome. He who holds the purse strings holds the power has always been true. Another socialist perception seen in the US is publicly financed sports arenas. It’s a classic example of socialism, or government being used to steal from the poor to give to the rich. It all comes about through taxing, usually the poor, and giving to those who need – who are rich stadium and team owners. Far is it for the wealthy to gather their own investors. They would rather use the political system to steal the money for them through taxation. Example: A local bond issue to build a mega sports stadium in a city of around $180,000 citizens, pushed by team owners and local government. The bond issue is placed on the local voting ballot. It’s voted down twice, but the team owners and local government keep pushing it until it finally passes. Americans are embracing these types of perceptions and are unaware of it. Why is there a lean toward such views? Mainly because Americans have been taught, when American governments own enterprises and distribute the wealth as they see fit, this is free enterprise. But when the Soviet Union and China engage in the same principle, it is seen as socialism. Most Americans are totally unaware of what is happening right under their noses. They don’t realize that the very basis of liberty that this country was built on was abandoned several decades ago. Americans have also been taught that if American businessmen support a government enterprise, then it has to be free enterprise.