PHD RESEARCH METHODOLOGY PRACTICE // Topic Diversity In The Work Place A Study of the Effects of Cultural Differences on Work Objectivity and Productivity

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This means that a culture can promote increased productivity or otherwise result in failure. Alternatively, culture can either enhance or deteriorate employee objectivity in a workplace. The influence on these two factors is because culture influences both the physical as well as the psychological aspects of a person.This research shall be guided by the purpose to achieve a relationship. The research will have a purpose statement that will help keep a focus on the goals while helping develop a concrete argument that is narrowed to a specific topic. In addition, the statement will help save on the time and effort required. The proposition that culture influences work productivity as well as objectivity remains contentious. A review of the available literature will provide a background of what has been done in finding the relationship between culture and with objectivity and productivity in a workplace. The research will focus on culture related parameters and their significance in a working environment. Therefore, this statement shall guide the purpose of this study: In order to understand the relationship between culture and work productivity and objectivity, this study shall look at the dynamics of culture that have an effect on these two work-related parameters while seeking to understand to what degree is the effect.A research is supposed to have both a research question as well as a hypothesis. These important components of this paper are meant to increase the chances of having a focus on the effect of culture of work productivity and objectivity. The following shall be the research questions:These research questions provides a platform for understanding whether there occurs any relationship between work objectivity and productivity in regards to culture. These questions can be answered through research by providing literature that attempts to answers them or conducting a quantitative