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Full Getting a Pharmacy Related Job Knowing that pharmaceutical-related jobs require a lot of difficulties in studying to achieve a good job, most students often stay away from pharmacy courses. However, it is such difficulty that challenges and makes students’ education an interesting experience. Moreover, most might think that such courses would bring them boring and low-paying jobs. On the contrary, Dr. U. B. Hadkar says that a career in pharmacy is not only challenging but lucrative as well ( There are a variety of jobs one could engage with after taking related courses. The same author mentions some which could really be interesting for high school and college students to consider. Becoming a lecturer does not only appeal to those who are interested in sharing their knowledge and expertise to others but also can make them a really good career. Once a teacher becomes experiences, he could be promoted as a senior lecturer then assistant professor up to being a university professor. Others may take another trail in research which could make one famous. Aside from being a lecturer, one can contribute more in the education industry as a quality assurance health manager. This job allows an individual to actively spread awareness among the people about AIDS and the preventive measures to be taken. In addition, he also plays an important role in the development of clinical health plans, investigate adverse medication events and suggest preventive measure. As expected after taking the course, one can always become a pharmacist either as a health system, hospital or community pharmacist. Other jobs like medical transcriptionist, analytical chemist of quality control manager, sales and marketing, clinical research, data manager, regulatory manager and career in regulatory bodies (Hadkar) are jobs a pharmacy student could consider delving into. They are equally challenging and satisfying. Pharmacy actually offers a wide variety of jobs to cater to the different interests of students so start a fulfilling job by enrolling in a pharmacy course.BibliographyHadkar, U. B. Careers in Pharmacy. MET Institute of Pharmacy. n.d. Web. July 28, 2012.