Perspectives of Sexuality

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as one of the ‘driving force’ of sexual behavior, cognitive perspective that explains the brain cognitive activity of brain towards sexual response and learning perspective that explains how the extent of sexual behavior reflects experience.Intimacy refers to being emotionally close to our partner such that we are able to share all our feelings and experiences we possesses as human being. Intimacy can be categorized as intellectual, experimental, emotional and sex intimacy. According to our topic of discussion, we are going to concentrate mostly on sexual intimacy. One of the important things about intimacy that we should know is that intimacy does not obviously occur but it must be build up over time among ourselves especially when it comes to the issue of relationship. Couples often face many challenges in their relationship and therefore, it is very important for them to build up intimacy to enable them endure relationship challenges. To strengthen our intimacy, the following steps can help us to achieve a greater level of intimacy beneficial to our personal well-being:a) Practice to be positive in our relationship and always let our partner know how much we value them in the relationship by expressing it in words without assuming that they already informed since everyone likes to be told that he or she is loved and appreciated.b) We should often create opportunities for intimacy. For example, regularly have time together in a cool place where we can focus sharing our situations to each other on our relationship.This help to strengthen our relationship at all times.c) I statements should always be made to express how we feel to exclude our partners on the spot. This help to bring them into our feelings so that the can put themselves into our shoes. For example, I feel hurt you disappointed me for failing to show up in our appointment instead of Why did u fail to come for our appointmentBy strengthening our intimacy, it helps us