Personality and Values

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The happiness factor differs from one living being to others. In the case of cockroaches, survival is a key necessity. As cockroaches live a vulnerable life where they are continuously searched and killed by humans, surviving probably gives them the highest happiness. Apart from a few individuals, the majority of humans do not face the threat of getting killed on a daily basis. Instead, they would be happy to live a healthy life with enough money& fulfill their ambitions or aspirations.

A person can be said to have a “deep flaw” if he/she monetarily cheats another person. Worthy life is when an individual lives a life of mental peace without any guilt feeling and without being criticized openly by others. It would be difficult for a deeply flawed person like a cheater to live a worthy life because even if he/she tries to suppress the fact that he/she cheated, the inner consciousness could raise and prick anytime.

To the people in the future, I like to owe a few duties. I like to be sincere to them, without having any intention of cheating or hurting them. To the people in the past, I like to be grateful for all the support they gave me, particularly in my toughest times.

I like to pick a career in government services. By working in the government sector, I wish to serve and help the common people maximally. When I do that and see the happiness among them, it will motivate me to serve them more thereby shaping my character in a positive direction.

With my life, I want to create beautiful and good relationships with the people around me. When I do this with my family, friends, colleagues, and maximal people in society, it will elevate my interactions with me. When the relationship and interaction with others are on beautiful and good terms, it will provide me with a happy mindset.

The basic components of the scientific method are forming a hypothesis or goal, testing it, and then proving it.