Personal world views

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In so doing, followers obligate themselves to follow specific tenets as dictated by the religion. Following these tenets requires dedication and sacrifice. Spiritual people are loyal to the religious beliefs and follow them without questions about their reality. Spirituality is related to other terms such as pluralism, scientism, and postmodernism.Pluralism is a concept that denotes that there is no absolute truth in one line of thought. Essentially, pluralism implies that no worldview is enough to describe solely all the views of the people. In this regard, pluralism requires that every view be taken into consideration. Pluralism is common in government and religion. In religion, pluralism has it that no religion is taken as perfect or the sole source of truth. It should be understood that other beliefs may also contain some truths that may not be accurate in other beliefs. Thus, individual spirituality defines what is true or not.Scientism is a belief that human beings can find answers to all life questions through scientific research. Scientism asserts that there is no supreme being that can offer real solutions that can be proven. This worldview eliminates the religious or spiritual beliefs since they are not concrete or backed by evidence. It is upon research that points can be proven or disqualified. Scientism is more related to the concept of postmodernism as discussed below.Postmodernism is a concept that critiques the existing culture, believe and evidence systems. Postmodernism viewpoints are that human beings are not capable of making assertions regarding their origin or fate (Fukuyama et. al, 2014). The postmodern worldview disregards spirituality. In addition, the worldview stipulates that humans have locked themselves in a cage of beliefs and culture that may not be true or beneficial.The spirituality concept defines how people perceive the world around them and how they solve the day to