Personal Values and Motivation

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My personal philosophy towards work always remained focus on the aspect of achieving the superior performance while at the same time managing highest ethical standards to work. This means that what motivated me most is not just the monetary reward the job offers but also as to how the job will actually help me to develop as a person and what personal characteristics I can develop by working in that place. As such, I strongly believe that personal integrity and the highest ethical standards to work are some of the intrinsic factors which can allow the individuals to flourish and perform well in the organizations.
To me what values most is how the organization and the immediate environment of an individual actually help him or her to achieve the degree of motivation where a person can actually evolve himself as a better person. This also means that my motivation factors include the non-intrinsic factors which are essential for me to keep me motivated.
There are different things which motivate me personally however, I believe that what motivates me most is the working in an organization which is managed ethically and provide equal opportunities to their employees so that they can grow and develops themselves as better performing individuals. Secondly, I strongly believe that the overall organizational environment and culture is the biggest factor which actually keeps a person motivated to continue to work. Considering the traditional complexity of the organizations and increasing competition it has become critical for the organizations to retain their best-performing employees. As such organizations, therefore, have to develop and manage an environment which suits such employees and offer them an opportunity to accomplish the challenging organizational goals.