Personal Service Failure Story

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The check in time was scheduled at 9 p.m. on December 19, 201x. On that particular night, the weather was identifiably difficult with strong winds and a downpour of rain that made travelling from work to the hotel difficult. One therefore arrived at XYZ Hotel at exactly 9:45 p.m. and approached the front desk clerk to check-in through the previously made and paid reservation.
Upon checking on the reservations and the room assignments, the front desk clerk apparently found out that the room previously reserved for me has been given to another guest who arrived earlier and needed the room due to the bad weather. After waiting for 30 minutes and since I did not arrive on time, they surmised that I would not arrive and gave the room to the other guest. Since the hotel was then fully booked for the night, without available rooms, the front desk clerk advised me to go to the next hotel (ABC Hotel), which is their affiliate hotel, which is several miles away.
The service failure story is common in the hotel industry. The proximate cause of the failure to deliver the expected and appropriate service was the need to have abided by the reservation within a stipulated time frame, which differ depending on hotel policies. In this case, the hold time stipulated was just 30 minutes and if customers did not relay any message that they would be late but would come, the reserved rooms would be given to other guests who need it. In other hotels, the moment that the customers defaulted on the time of arrival, without giving prior notice or advise for any delay, the customer would already consider the reservation in default and could provide the previously reserved room to other guests.
There was a failure on both parts regarding enhancing awareness for the hold time for reservation. Since I made the reservation one week ago, there was no apparent knowledge for any weather disturbances to occur on the date of booking. On