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Robert Rogers a white male and a knowledgeable Employment Director, understands the tough requirements of his job and would therefore, judge the candidates based on their capacity to get the job done.Jada JonesKeeping the job requirements in mind, Jada seems to be the obvious choice. As per the job requirements she is well experienced, knowledgeable and has a Master’s degree from Harvard in Human Resource Management. She has been working for Salient Bio-Tech Company as a recruitment specialist for the past four years, whereas, the job only required a minimum of two years work experience in the recruitment/selection field. This means that she has more than adequate experience for managing the entire recruitment life-cycle, i.e. recruiting personnel, making final hiring decisions, tracking applicant flow, managing employment support staff and developing strategies for filling future employment opportunities that arise. Moreover, references from Harvard showed that she maintained an A average throughout school, which demonstrates her intellectual prowess, which in turn means that she would be very good at making decisions, tracking, managing staff and developing strategies for future requirements.Her references from Salient stated: Jada is a no nonsense type of employee who always gets the job done. She hires quality employees who tend to perform well once employed. This further establishes that she would be able to select talented and productive candidates for a fast growing bio-tech company that receives many federal government contracts.Salient’s references go on to say that She is not especially popular among her fellow co-workers and seems to think she is smarter than everyone else. She is out-spoken to superiors, peers and subordinates and seems to intimidate others. Jada was recently passed over for a promotion and has threatened to file a discrimination suit against us. Although, this may sound alarming at once, but if one reflects on Jada’s background it is easy to understand. As an African American (black), Jada most probably had to fight at every step of the way to accomplish her current position. Even, today it is not easy for an African American to make it to Harvard, and Jada most probably not only had the brains but also the brawn to make it in an institution and culture dominated by the white population. Hence, it is not surprising that her stance is rather aggressive and she behaves overconfidently with her peers and superiors, but as long as this does not affect her and the organization’s work negatively, this should not be a problem. And Salient, clearly states that she is very efficient and lets nothing get in the way of her duty. this is most reassuring and even her aggressiveness will most probably be an advantage at a fast paced company that will be under a lot of work pressure. since only a strong and ambitious person would be able to thrive under these hectic conditions. As for her suing Salient, it only goes to show that, she was most probably right about being discriminated against. because judging from the positive feedback Salient has given about her work, it seems quite suspicious that she was passed over for a promotion. After all a company does not pass over an employee who gets the job done every time just because they are outspoken and intimidate co-workers, unless, the said company is discriminatory and biased.Mary MarcherOn the other hand Mary does not fit the bill for the job of Employment Director, she has neither the drive nor the intellectual aptitude require for spotting talents technical positions. And since she has been working for a small manufacturing company — Pagers Incorporated, she would be completely out of her depth at a fast growing bio-tech company that receives many federal government contracts, and therefore is a heavy-duty and high-pressure zone. References from Pagers state that Mary is a hard worker and makes an effort to please all clients. Her staff and co-workers find her to be cooperative and her boss likes her work ethics. Because of Mary’s extensive workload, she does not always meet deadlines for hiring, but her clients understand because they, too, know how hard she works. This makes it quite clear that although Mary is a very nice person and works hard, she just does not have the capacity to handle much of a workload and get the job done. It should also be noted that Pagers Incorporated, failed to mention any of her successful recruitments. Furthermore, the fact that she maintained a B average in college attests to the fact that she is not very proficient on an intellectual level either. Considering her record, it is clear that even though she is a sweet and well liked white female, she will not be able to get the job done.