Personal Profile of Para Medical Officer

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Personal Profile (Part I have been trained as a Field Para Medical Officer, which gave me a sound knowledge of how to provide healthcare services in emergency situations. After completing my academic career, I went into practice. I have worked for two years as a field medic and now I believe I am well experienced in my field.I have a great tendency for social work, therefore I have joined various private sector organization in this field, during my education, which gives me an advantage, while performing my duties, because, it blessed me with the courage to stand in the face of difficulty. This attribute has helped me in overcoming emotional trauma that is a norm of my field. I also think that it is a very fulfilling job, because it gives me the opportunity to contribute towards the society in a positive sense. Working as a paramedic gives me self satisfaction, because I feel important, by helping others.I have strong aspirations for future. I plan to introduce a service for patients that is effective and convenient. I believe that good diagnosis systems should be available for the patients. they are given proper treatment, which will help them in their recovery. In order to achieve this, it is very important for me, to have correct systems and knowhow about the management issues of large medical facility, which I am lacking at this time, but I am learning and will accomplish this goal one day.Part 2Academic / curriculum strengthsOver my academic career, I have gathered basic knowledge in the field of paramedics. The focus of my studies has been on providing emergency medical service in case of road incidents. My strong hold on this field helps me in better decision making in a volatile conditions, while placing premium on emotional stability.I have also done practical training which has been very helpful in development of the ambulatory skills that are needed in healthcare career. This training was focused on ensuring fewer errors in future.Challenging Degree ContentWhat I found most challenging about my degree was learning English, because, it is not my native language. Therefore, I had to face a lot of problems in my degree because of it. But I had an interest in the medical field, so I had accepted this as a challenge and overcame it by discussing different concepts with experienced doctors on weekly basis.Another challenge that I had faced, was during my paramedic training, caused by witnessing the pain people go through in the case of tragedy, therefore it has taken me, a while ,before I had gotten acquainted with it. However I still sometimes get disturbed with my routine, because after all I am a human. Expectations from the topicI expect this course to further help me improve my skills and polish them. During my course, I seek to spot my mistakes and correct them. I hope that the course will help me, in increasing my ability of strong decision making.