Personal Profile Analysis with ESTJ

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Personal Profile Analysis ESTJ is one of the 16 personality types identified by the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. It looks at the four key areas in the personality preferences. They are,Extraversion vs. Introversion Judging vs. perceivingThinking vs. feelingSensing vs. intuitionFunctional analysis of extraverted thinking perspective suggest that ESTJs are open mind, outspoken and can make impersonal decisions. ESTJs I the particular person analyzed suggest that being directive in their approach and guiding others to attain their goals forms an integral part of their personality. The exchange of goods and services is one crucial element that defines the person who has ESTJs. He uses this to reflect his sense of responsibility by proper exchange of goods and services. This helps to enhance their own image and gives them a sense of satisfaction.The study and tests conducted show that the candidate has an eye for logic, truth and facts that help him to shape the ‘real’ world around him. As a person of principles, and their respect for rules, power and prestige. the ESTJs are great for the positions of coaching and instructors.They are also able to seek out like minded people in groups and organizations which turn into their trait of supervision. They are able to focus and follow guidelines handed down by authority figures and this links to their connection with tradition and family. Traditions that come down through heritage and ancestors (authority figures) are perceived willingly. Secondary introverted sensing translates into an interest in sports for the ESTJs. While the primary sensing holds grip and leads to regimen and persistence of disciplinary skills in the person.From the Custom Keirsey Temperament, Mohamed Hashemi’s personality falls under that of the Artisan Promoter (ESTP). The personality types involves skills of excelling in the fields of fine arts, sports, politics, even mechanical and industrial arts. They feel most comfortable with tools and instruments that they can manipulate and alter. The most influential of artisans are those that are Promoters. They are able to put forward any venture, proposal or scheme to perfect strangers. Combined with their charming personality, the person thus has lasting influence on family and friend around them.The person can be summarized as outgoing, lively and adventurous. The personality that is not only vibrant and skilled, but a person who has an eye for facts, logic, detail and also seeks out daring, not so easy tasks that intimidate others. The person has an ongoing search and hunger for challenges, satisfaction, pleasure and stimulation. As opposed to the ESTJs who are governed by a set of principles and rules, the Artisans prefer to be free and unbound by any ties. They are also impatient and live today, for tomorrow may not come. This also tells how they live in the spur of the moment, living, enjoying and feeling life to the fullest.On the whole, the personality is charismatic, social and open minded. Their outlook of others in life and that of the world around them shows the fun, observant, giving and sophisticated streak of life in them.Works Cited