Personal Development Plan Template

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I felt that I wanted to be the one who organizes and plans for the department, who thinks of ways on how to improve the service we provide, who devises programs for the personnel, the patients, and the public. I wanted to be the head of the hospital’s respiratory department.But of course, David Beckham did not reach his status in football by just scoring goals. For certain, it required a lot of hardships and training. And though I have already undergone some of my own, there are still skills that I need to develop to reach my goal, especially because I want to also manage the budget distribution of the department.In football, one does not just have a ball being played by his two feet. he has the ball that makes all the others follow, go where they can support the goal he has in mind—the same goal of the whole team. And this is a characteristic of a football player that I have to develop, my leadership and management skills.Although I am very fond of reading management materials, I know that this is not going to be enough to be the head of the respiratory department. So for that, I have made some plans to meet and, hopefully, exceed the expectations of the hospital administration.As I read once in a Reader’s Digest, Education is the cure for all insecurities. After I receive my master’s degree, I plan to take leadership seminars and management seminars here in Australia, which will include proper budget allocation.However, aside from the knowledge and skills I intend to acquire and/or develop, I realize that becoming the head of a hospital department is a great responsibility. And as any football or any other sports legend has done just to achieve their goals, something or some things need to be sacrificed. mine, is putting off being with a woman I will be with all my life. Some things are just worth sacrificing for and some things worth putting off.However, in football, the reality is that not all kicks,