Personal College Admission

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´╗┐Personal College Admission The high school senior year is the time when more focused thought is normally given on what additional knowledge and skill sets are desirable, and where to acquire them from. I have given serious thought to this, ending up in the decision to acquire more knowledge and skills in physical therapy to enhance my opportunities in a career in this field. Hence, the decision to undertake a pre-physical therapy study program as a stepping stone to majoring in physical therapy. My experience of physical therapy started with what I saw during the illness of my grandfather and how he benefited from physical therapy to lead a more normal active life, instead of being bedridden. This experience got me interested in physical therapy. It is my belief that in choosing a career that is oriented to helping ill people to improve their quality of life, I will be engaged in a meaningful career that will give a purpose to my life and personal satisfaction. This interest in physical therapy was enhanced during my biology classes, particularly the anatomy classes, which were engrossing and to my liking. In addition, I have added to my exposure in physical training through hospital voluntary work. This exposure has made me more positive that the field of physical therapy is best suited to me, and is the area where I would like to work in. To augment my finances, I have been working part time as a grocery store cashier for nearly two years. My grades at school have been satisfactory for advancing my education in the field of physical therapy. I have also been an active participant in music and games during my school days, and also love interacting with people. My musical instruments of choice are drums, and I have also composed most of the music for the band this year, for which I am the section leader. I have been a member of the Church choir and my experiences here have been truly fulfilling. In games, soccer has been my favorite. I have played soccer since I was six years old, and the championship won last year is a crowning glory for me in the love for this game. To encourage younger kids in this sport, I help out by refereeing their games. Since the last five years, I have been attracted to paintball and taken strongly to it. My short stature has been a disadvantage in other games I have tried out, but not in the case of paintball, where it really is an advantage. My good performance in the game has seen me practice unofficially with the University of Pittsburgh team for some months now. I bring with me this skill in offering to join the pre-physical therapy study program at the University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown. Sport is not the only reason for opting to join the physical therapy study program at this prestigious university. The study course offers an appropriate education involving the elements of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. The most striking feature of this study program is that it acts to provide guidance in course selection, making it possible for students to be adequately prepared in the appropriate graduate program in physical therapy of their choosing. The two other compelling reasons for choosing the University of Pittsburgh is the proximity to my home and the affordability in the expenditure for the study course. While I will gain many useful assets from this university, I also bring with me attributes that will make me a contributing student to the university. My attributes that stand out are my never say die spirit and hard work. I make this claim with confidence, since I have been deaf in one ear since birth, and have overcome this obstacle in my achievements thus far. This experience has made me confident that my hard work will help me overcome the challenges that I will face in the days ahead. In addition to this, I am a confident, organized, and neat individual, who loves interacting with others, contributing to amusement in their lives. It is my objective in joining this university, to give as much as I can in upholding the fine traditions of this university, while leaving as a well-equipped individual to take on the future academic and career challenges in my life.