Personal Care Values Statement and Reflection

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Watch this three-minute video on Developing Personal Values(Links to an external site.) to help shape your focus for this assignment. Prior to beginning this assignment, identify a program which over the duration of this course will serve as a model for your final project. After reviewing your selected program’s core values, this week’s reading, and textbook Figure 2.3, Create a personal core values statement. This statement should serve as a framework for the potential creation of both a vision and mission statement (which are considered concise descriptions of what, who, how, and why a program serves its community). For this assignment, you will submit only your core value statement addressing the following: What makes an effective leader? Why do you want to be a program administrator? What essential personal characteristics or competencies do you currently possess? How can you cultivate the additional characteristics and competencies that will help you reach your goal? 18/05/202015education