Performing Purchasing Agent Duties at Waters Inc

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Waters Inc. notes that the technical expert team in the company is aware and equipped with basic knowledge of computer hardware and software pieces of equipment and thus, would like to have proper documentation of the product quality standards. The company also agrees to its weakness in avoiding possible chances of damages during warehousing and therefore, would like the bidder to also quote a concession on a replacement if any such chance arises. As the client is more expert in these technicalities, a strict quality management appraisal to the entire order will be highly appreciated.
Kindly note that the proposals obtained from the bidders will be evaluated on a comparison basis, wherein quality features will be delivered the utmost priority along with the price and the history of the business within the industry. Concessions on accidental damages will also be encouraged. In addition, bidders competent to offer insurance benefits on the products will be encouraged. As the company is looking for a long-term association, transparency in the entire system of procurement will also be demanded and highly appreciated.
The last date for accepting proposals on this offer is restricted as on 15th June 2015. In case of further information to the proposal request made above, the bidders are appealed to consult the purchasing agent of Waters Inc., whose contact details are as follows. Being a purchasing agent, I would like to direct the RFP to the top-level management of Waters Inc. in order to keep them informed, as that person will take the absolute decisions to approve a particular bid and also determine whether the RFP is justified as per the business requirements standard. It will also help in maintaining transparency through the chain of command. Since a large number of bidders are expected to apply in response to the RFP, the selection criteria will also have to be decided upon, wherein the involvement of the top-level personnel will be crucial.