Performing Effective Project Monitoring and Risk Management

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It provides the tools that are going to be and guidance on the way forward. For this mobile application design, one wants to create an application that enables the customers to locate a coffee shop nearest to them. Therefore, the application should function well and the software should be up to date. Oneneeds to have the appropriate budget and the best people working in the project. The mobile application software should synchronize well with the infrastructure (Gowell, 2012).The above is an example of how to detect the problems in mobile application project and what should be if detected. If there are defects, the problem should be reported back to the reporter and it should inform the customer that the issue being resolved. It should also tell the customer to check again later and if the problem persists, he or she should contact his or her mobile operator. It is all about the information and the operator should also know that the software is not working and inform the IT department of theproblemso that it can be done within the shortest period. If there is a designor softwareerror, then the IT manager and the team should find solutions to the problems and resolve them. The software may be defectiveor even the hardware itself. All that matters are that the defect is and the application for finding the nearest coffee shop works well. A customer should not find a defect with the product and so it is the workof the whole team to prevent this from occurring.Communication is crucial within and outside the business because without it the business would fall. For the marketing management team, information is very importance because it helps in advertising, marketing and selling of the company’s products and services. It also helps in developing a strategic vision, creation of brand awareness, expression of competitive advantage, attracting talent, fostering goodwill and also informing the investment