Perceptions of Female Student Pilots

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According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that the lack of sufficient female pilots is a very vital concern that the aviation industry must study and research. A good starting point for the lack of female pilots can be by having academic programs of flight in which future pilots are introduced to the industry of aviation. Since these programs are considered a starting place for pilots in the aviation industry, environmental surroundings must be taken into account as to the low ratio of representation of female pilots. The purpose here is to now carry out a national research of the perceptions of female student pilots in the aviation industry. If these academic flight programs have the potential to improve the enrollment of female flight students, this program then would create a ripple effect in the industry and would help increase female pilots in the aviation industry. This study can be considered as a quantitative study. The author is trying to find out why there is a shortage of female pilots. With the usage of study methodologies, this case is researchable, and the author feels that it offers vital information. This study’s limitations were centered on sensitization of the program. The author has provided a five-chapter layout. This review literature is fairly comprehensive. The author gives the main outlines as well as elaborating on the research and literature findings where need be. The aviation industry historically has not been a career for women. All through history, women have been turned away while male pilots have sabotaged those that succeeded. Despite these constraints, a number of brave women have broken through the barriers with personal determination and passion in their quest to fly.