Peoples Republic of Capitalism

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People’s Republic of Capitalism Introduction The video case study provides a holistic view of the developments as well as the negative aspects of China in terms of cash flow, commercial development, evolution of change, culture, consumerism and many other factors. It can be highlighted that this particular video is focused largely on exploring the policy and culture that is existent in the market of China, which is one of the hottest markets in the current times.
The video named People’s Republic of Capitalism is an attempt by Ted Koppel, who is the host in the video to showcase the positive as well as the negative aspects of the Chinese dreams as well as its impact on global and local consumerism. In this video, the host focused on gathering information from various sets of masses like peasants, millionaires, drag queens, students and many others. The central theme of the video is that as compared to the previous decades, the modern day Chinese masses is interested in graduating to a better life by making more money through their own method of working hard.
It is interesting to point out that the video documentary brings into notice the relation of Chinese prosperity and American policy changes in the business front. Many well known companies like Ethan Allen, Wal-Mart as well as other well known retailers of the US market have focused on outsourcing their production lines in order to cut costs and generate high profit margins over the years. While this in turn promotes job loss in the American shores, yet it provides generates jobs as well as related economic prosperity in the Chinese market (Youtube).
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