Peculiarities of Client Relationship Marketing

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Direct competitors. Nintendo operates under the electronic gaming console industry. The company’s major direct competitors include Xbox 360 by Microsoft and PlayStation3 by Sony. Xbox 360 has the capability to play High Definition DVDs. According to, this console’s CPU “was a custom triple-core Power PC—based design manufactured by IBM, known as the Xenon ( 2009).” This console “played all its games in 5.1-channel Dolby Digital surround sound, and along with the HD display, the Xbox 360 could truly display excellent picture and sound quality ( 2009).” Microsoft Xbox 360 comes in three variations: the Elite, the Premium System and the Core System (Hesseldahl 2005).
Sony’s seventh video game console is launched in 2006—the PlayStation3. According to, “the PlayStation 3 could play music CDs, connect to the Internet, copy CDs directly to its hard drive, play Blu-Ray Discs and DVDs, connect to a digital camera, view photos, and more ( 2009).” Apart from these features, the wireless controller of the console has a built-in sensor in order to enable the player to move and angle while she plays. PS3’s target market according to Sony includes young urban males.
Indirect competitors. The gaming console industry is just a part of a larger market. It is part of the electronics industry that caters to the entertainment market. Thus, Wii’s indirect competitors include those that substitute what it can do to the consumers, which is to entertain. These substitutes include other PC games, books, board games, and other activities that could provide entertainment or gaming experience to the people.
Values. Nintendo has chosen Wii for a variety of reasons, but according to Carless, the closest reason for the choice is that Wii sounds as ‘we’ which promotes the concept of ‘being for&nbsp.everyone’, as well as a brand name that can easily be remembered by everyone and does not require much translation (Dess, Lumpkin &amp. Eisner 2008, 583).