PEACE Domestic Violence Agency Description

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The two grant programs run by the National Foundation under which it can provide a grant to the PEACE are the Small Grants Program and the Investor Program. Both programs have different budgets. The Small Grants Program offers a one-time grant of $5,000 to registered charities and Investor Program offers a grant of $150,000 a year for 3 consecutive years for any of the program objectives through Supporting Families Program. The program is built on firm footing by PEACE. it has analyzed the needs of the end users for whom the welfare program has been initiated. It has specifically outlined the geographical area where the needs of the affected people match with that of the National Foundation programs to rehabilitate the affected community members and support the relatives of the victims of domestic violence. PEACE has been providing such services for a long time and has a reputation for its clear vision, strong leadership, and solid financial footing. PEACE is well aware of the needs of the Portland community. Members of the community have been involved in social crimes like domestic violence against women and children. The focus of the agency has been on educating the Portland community against such wrong social practices. In the last five years, there have been many incidents of road rage implicating community members in criminal cases. Needs of the affected community are identical with the mission and visions of both the organizations, the National Foundation, and PEACE. These needs are reflected in the aims of PEACE – to improve the standard of life of such families that have one of their family members in prison. The National Foundation’s program, Supporting Families, also supports young people involved with the criminal justice system through a rehabilitation program designed to provide the skills, create confidence in the community, and establish personal support networks to help them in leading a normal life.