Paul Mason Live Working or Die Fighting how the Working Class Went Global

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According to the book review Live Working or Die Fighting How the Working Class Went Global findings, the book describes the current situation of the global working class and identifies some of the major problems and challenges that the workers are facing across of globe due to their unfair treatment. The author explains that the global capitalist system has been driven by the appetite of getting more profits that eventually results in deprives and oppressed condition of the workers. In different countries of the world, the working class is found to be extremely exploited and suppressed by the capitalists who compel the workers to a condition of semi-slavery. Mason found that the workers in different countries face different situations, however. the problems of the workers are widely same regardless of the country and the need of conducting organized struggle is also equally needed in all the countries of the world. Mason interviewed workers from different countries and make their voice heard to the world because he believes that the workers have to speak out in front of the world so that the stories of their suppression could be widespread and people could know about the unfair dealing of the workers by the capitalist. He gives the opportunity to several oppressed workers to share their experiences and problems and include them in the book to let people listen to the victim of the globalization and capitalism. The book exemplifies unfair labor treatment and discrimination in different countries of the world.