Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Obamacare

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Not everyone in America can afford to pay a higher premium which leaves the less fortunate without health care. In 2014, Obamacare has forced many insurance companies to accept these people that cannot pay for health care regardless if they are an adult or child. (Benefits Of ObamaCare: Advantage of ObamaCare). Controversially, insurance companies will have to increase the premiums of people that can afford the health insurance to supply it to others that cannot. Obamacare is a beneficial law to all American citizens and it helps all people in our nation.Obamacare is beneficial to a variety of Americans, not only the poor, as it provides the whole nation with health care. Generally, it is the less fortunate that would need the health insurance, but nonetheless, wealthy Americans also need to be insured as of 2014. if they aren’t, then they will pay a tax penalty.Many Americans do not realize that they have been enjoying the benefits of the Affordable Care Act since 2010. Health insurance has increased in price, but this has afforded Americans with better quality of health insurance (Benefits Of ObamaCare: Advantage of ObamaCare). In addition, wealthy Americans do not realize that without this act, many sick children cannot be cured because they won’t be accepted under any policies. Also, children with previous conditions will be denied. Nevertheless, not even adults who have been diagnosed with diseases will be accepted. Obamacare helps protect Americans because regardless if they are diagnosed with a condition after receiving health insurance. insurance companies cannot cancel their plans as they usually have done. Obamacare has also banned insurance companies from setting a medical lifetime limit of 2 million dollars.