Parents Sexuality Influence

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The discussion of the sexuality of children with their parents is least common. However, many people think that sexuality education must be taught from the parents. Neither the parents nor the children are not prepared to talk with each other on issues which are common at teenage like drinking, sex, drug usage etc. Many of the parents do care about such issues, want their children to have safe and healthy sex, but they don’t get the appropriate time to discuss, thinks talking on sex is a vulgar subject, and do not feel comfortable in discussion it. This may be because of big generation gap between them. However, the daughter consults more than the sons do. Most of the teenagers prefer to consult sexuality education centers for their problems. These centers are quite useful as they keep young people aware of the consequences and risks of premature sex. Having sex at young age can be both harmful physically and psychologically. The society in which people are living also influences in parent-children relationship. Some society, which are conservative and are more under religious influence find it a bit easier to discuss than in socially affected place.
However, it is the duty of the parents, at a certain age i.e. 14-18 years of their children, the parents must take their children into confidence and discuss on their sexual development. This is the age where sexuality becomes more common among teenagers. The people need to make it clear that sexuality is the part of maturity of humans. The parents need to talk with their children and discuss sexuality issues. The fathers can talk with the sons, similarly the mothers with their daughters, discuss about the consequences of sexuality and advice them on periodic basis i.e. after six months or yearly basis of the consequences of sexuality. In this way, if children face any serious problems, the parents can consult medical consultants or may require regular treatments. The parents need to show more frankness, openness, and attentiveness in their attitude when discussing sexuality with the children. The parents need to keep their tone cool and humble, and answer them seriously. The privacy of the child must be kept intact. The father can tell the sons about the usage of condoms and mothers can help daughters when they are in their sexual periods. However, children think their parents can help them in making their sexual decisions.
Awareness Among Younger generation:
The parents and sexuality centers need to provide awareness among the younger generation about the sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as HIV/AIDS etc. If not dealt properly with such diseases, improper pregnancy, inappropriate sex etc can be very deadly. In many European countries like Netherlands and Germany they have started sexuality awareness programs through electronic media, where parents come and give useful information to young masses. These sexuality communities can also help the parents in making them better sex educators. However in France, the children are send to such centers, and the parents cannot withdraw them before the age of 13. Although sexual education can be taught from other sources, but the love and care parents can give, children cannot get it from anywhere.
Press Release Teens Say Parents Most Influence Their Sexual Decisions.