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Directions: This quiz is worth 100 points. Each short answer is worth 50 points. Please provide a short answer response (one-page minimum, double-spaced) for both questions below. Please include your references on a separate page (APA Recommended). Special note: Short answers should still demonstrate your knowledge and familiarity with the subject matter.Before proceeding please first watch the background Alzheimer’s video below: (Name: NIH: Unraveling the Mystery of Alzheimer’s Disease) Optional Video: Name: Inside Alzheimer’s disease review the articles below and explain how an adult child of an aging parents can respectfully help protect them from being exploited and scammed? protection/preventing-elder-abuse protection/money-management-and-the-aging-brain How can an adult caretaker assist a parent/guardian diagnosed with Alzheimer’s who is struggling with two of the following issues?Please use the following site: management-and-the-aging-brain Agitation and Aggression Personality Changes Grooming and Dressing Changes in Communication Home Safety08/05/20208appliedsciences