Parenthood the Movie

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One of the most fundamental themes of the movie Parenthood is that people become more responsible in their duties towards their spouses as well as children with the passage of time. Gil has a very loving relationship with his wife Karen. Gil has grown up under the supervision of his workaholic father. Due to the limited control such a person can exercise upon his children, the children assume immense tendency to become spoiled. Realizing this and not willing to grow up his children the way his father did his siblings and him, Gil does not want to be workaholic. He wants to find time for his children to give them the best upbringing that he can. Gil and Karen have three children. Kaven is their eldest child. He has an emotional problem due to which, he is considered in need of a therapy. Having gained an in-sight into the problems with his children, Gil takes all the blame for the problems of his children and becomes doubtful of the extent to which he has been successful in playing the role of a responsible father. Gil is not sure whether he can provide his and Karen’s forth child that is yet not born with a happy lifestyle since he is financially not in a position to have another child. Helen and Garry are ex-husband and wife. Helen is a bank manager while Garry is a dentist. Garry has left Helen for some reason and is not concerned about his teenager children that he has had with Helen. Helen and Garry parent two children. The elder of the two is Julie who is 16 years old and the younger one is Garry who is 13 years old. The father and the son have the same name, i.e. Garry. One of the most touching and emotional scenes in the movie is the one in which Helen tells Garry that she knows his father better than Garry does, so she would suggest him not to shift with him. The son Garry has just entered the age of puberty and is exploring the world of sex in numerous ways. He is addicted to porn. He is disturbed mentally and generally remains quiet and uninvolved in the social activities. Julie cultivates a hidden sexual affair with Tod who happens to be her drag-racer boyfriend. Julie is just in her high school and has had sex several times with Tod. Garry, on the other hand, carries around sexually explicit videos in a bag. Helen’s ex-husband Garry leaves Helen for another woman whom he marries and has a son with her. The encounter between Helen and her children is the worst among all parent-children encounters in the movie. At one occasion, Helen catches Garry masturbating. Despite knowing that it was masturbation, she comforts herself by thinking of it as drug abuse. In an attempt to console her son, Helen asks Tod to convince Garry that his obsession with the girls is quite normal and predictable of a boy who has just entered the teenage. Tod is able to achieve this. In the beginning, Helen did not consider Tod suitable for her daughter. Finding that Tod has managed to make Garry happy, Helens starts to cultivate a sense of respect and admiration for Toad in her heart. Near the end of the movie, Julie and Tod get married. Julie becomes pregnant. The love marriage is caught in fumed arguments and fights analyzing which, the audience can tell that the marriage is difficult to last. However, Helen admires Tod so much that