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Prof. SiegelENG 122Essay #3 – Grant Proposal(Continued on Next Page)Grant ProposalThe Grant Proposal is a unique type of argument essay that covers the writing process in a variety of mediums and across all types of fields. Grant Proposals are used in a number of fields, so having some familiarity with the process (or at least an abridged form of the process, as this is) is a beneficial skill. This paper will combine your analysis of information, critical deduction skills, and connections you make between sources to craft a persuasive argument. Once again, strong research skills and making connections that are not explicitly stated will be a major part of this paper. You are challenged to go below the surface and use your own writing skills to create a cohesive point. It is important to remember that persuasiveness is key here. What will you use to convince me, the reader, that your argument is valid? Emotion can be a strong tool if properly used. Facts and statistics provide a logical approach to an argument, but even these can be debated. Whatever tool(s) you use, be sure to explain them clearly and thoroughly. Any ambiguity harms your overall purpose. Misconstruing facts or unwarranted pleas to emotion can also result in a weakened argument. Remember, a good argument uses facts, addresses multiple perspectives, and is clear and consistent throughout. The premise of the paper is as follows: As a member of a key organization/club at Brookdale Community College, you just heard about a $1 million research grant in your field (the specific field of your paper topic). Your goal is to create a plan of action explaining your position, your key reasoning, and how you would use the money if given the grant. You can either do a continuation of your position paper (though this will be heavily edited and amended) or pick an entirely new topic. The topics from which you may choose are as follows. All topics must be approved by me: A National or Worldwide event of significanceDocumentary Films (global crises, documented mysteries, etc…)Because this is a Grant Proposal, the style of your essay will be a little different. The organization should follow this structure: 1. Cover Letter/Needs Descriptiona. This is essentially your Introduction. In this, you are going to address the Issue, your position, and the general reasoning. Your thesis statement should express that you are requesting specific funding for your position and your general reasoning why. This gets single spaced and should only be 1 page. 2. Your Proposala. This is the meat of your Grant Proposal. Mainly, you are describing what the money will be used for. This is where you should synthesize sources, demonstrate critical thinking in both the short and long term (prognosticate), and explain why and how the money will help your position. Lay out your plan for the future here. Be sure to expand on where the funding will go and why this is necessary and beneficial. For example: Will you be researching/developing a new technology? Professor SiegelENG 122 – Essay #3 PromptWeight: 25% of Final GradeDo this without using I/me/we/us/you language. This should address numerous argumentation appeals. 3. The Counterargument/Refutationa. Required for this paper. This should be a strong 1-2 paragraph section in which you address the other side of your argument and refute it by demonstrating areas where the opposition’s argument is incomplete, weak, or fallacious, explain this, and then close by presenting why your argument is stronger/correct. 4. Breakdown of fundsa. Break down (in detail) approximations (within reason) of how you plan on implementing the funding received. For example, how much will you put towards advertising on social media? What about bringing in a guest speaker to the college? How much goes to scientific research and what will this focus on? Explain each area described here and make sure it adds up to the total amount. 5. Timeline of eventsa. Construct a timeline of events (i.e. when major deadlines and This can either be a visual timeline or a printed timeline. 6. Conclusiona. Summarize your findings and re-express your proposal and request. 7. Works Cited Pagea. MLA Style just like a regularly essayParameters6 full pages minimum, 8 full pages maximum (Does not include Works Cited page)Typewritten, double-spaced 12-point font, Times New RomanMinimum of 8 sources: Must include at least 5 scholarly articles from Reference DatabasesIn-text citations should be present throughout and be in MLA FormatDo not save this paper for the last minute. This is 25% of your grade and there are no second chances on this paper.18/12/201940english