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In today’s world, we manipulate more digital data than we ever have before. We have our own content which has largely migrated over the past 20 years from documents to video content in many cases. We take tons of photos and post them on social media, we maintain large playlists of our own choice of music, and we have migrated much of our online lives to “paperless” documents. We have electronic receipts, electronic cell phone bills, utility bills, healthcare bills, credit card statements, retirement account statements, savings & checking account statements, we even file our taxes electronically.So… where do you store all of this stuff? Do you conduct backups of your laptop? Do you use a cloud service like Carbonite or Dropbox? If you subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 online, do you use One Drive. Do you use any other “personal document management systems” like EverNote or OneNote?If your laptop completely dies tomorrow and you have the cash to buy a new one same day, how quickly can you be up and running on a new laptop?Do you write to external hard drives at home? Do you maintain a household fileserver for storage?Do you ever purge off your old unneeded data? Or do you just keep buying more and more storage?Are you the “IT” person in your family where everyone comes to you for advice because their hard drive crashed and they don’t know what to do?In your own words, describe how you manage all of your massive daily data and whether you think you like the system you have or you need to make it better somehow.Minimum 500 words16/05/202010computerscience