Paper 2 about old spice

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The campaign was re-launched, this time with Isaiah Mustafa answering messages from fans and consumers in real time via YahooAnswers, Facebook, and Twitter.Using sex appeal and humor for entertainment, this ad was targeted at women since the company believed that women are the decision makers when it comes to purchasing household goods in the store. The campaign was very successful, especially in the generation of interest on social media. However, it also led to heated debate about whether the use of branded entertainment as means of communicating with the target audience could drive sales by resonating with them. This paper will use the Elaboration Likelihood Model in analyzing and describing how it is used in the ad, as well as why the model fits with the strategy and message of the campaign. To do this, the paper will first provide an overview of the theory, after which the model will then be applied to the ad campaign.While the concept of persuasion has gained a bad reputation because of its association with being pressured or swindled, it is not inherently negative and should also be considered as a process of influencing audiences (Petty et al, 2012). For example, Perloff (2014) argues that persuasion is, indeed, a form of communication and that it needs one party to send a clear and strong message to another. In addition, persuasion is also an attempt to influence another party and, in this case, understanding the audience, as well as what drives them, increases the likelihood that this attempt will succeed. Moreover, persuasion also uses interactions and aesthetics to make messages more persuasive to audiences. Finally, persuasion also influences and reinforces attitudes based on the assumption that the opinions of the audience should be strengthened over time. One of the most popular and cited persuasion models is Petty and