Panera Bread Company Case Study Finance Analysis

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I need some one with finance expert who could do this on excel sheet and all the details are givenPls have a lookWeek1-StudentPaneraBreadDataandWorksheet.xlsxWeek1CaseStudyAssignment-PaneraBread.docxPanera_Bread_Company.pdfPosted: a year agoDue: 30/09/2018Budget: $10Answers 0Bids 48Kesha A. GreyRima MakenzieThe grAdeChrisProfFavorite PROFPaula Hogguru answersprofessor HarveyMiss Deannaits_ahmed007Alee ShabalMark_TomProf XavierTeacher YoungTeacher SteveProf. Moses GeekGabriella OwensK_FAM SOLUTIONSCatherine OwensMaham MalikDr NawazishThe quA lityZack CooperPROF. KATELYNDr. Claver-NNUSH soluTionsProf. HadarvProf. KaylinlopezRey writerOnTimeMich Michieprof avrilgeniusbrilliant answersAabish Aabidahphyllis youngWendy LewisPROF washington watsonCharandryseniorwriterMiss ProfessorChaptech_PCarla BunnieEllen ForbesComputer_Science_ExpertBest Writer786ansRohanMichelle Lewis PhdOther questions 10CJA 304 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Police ReportBUS 680 Week 4 Jims Case AnalysisBIS 219 Week 1 Individual Assignment Information Systems and Software ApplicationsIP4PSY 405 Week 2 – Individual Personality Overview PaperConsider the following two propositions: p: It snows tonight. q: I will stay home. Use negation (~), conjunction (˄),XCOM 285 Week 3 Assignment Cross-Cultural Communication MatrixH.I.P.A.A HEALTH PRIVACY LAWBSA411_Wk3_ClassDiagramBUS439 week oneNot ratedExecutive summaryplease check guidelineNot ratedFinance HW Case study Write executive summary 1 page· Note on the Executive Summary: It should include:o 2 to 3 sentence overview of the firmo Brief statement of the situation/problemo…Not ratedPanera Bread Case studyCase Study Questions:1. Complete the financing portion of Panera Bread Company’s 2007 forecast financial statementsa. Include a chart of your financial assumptions.2. Develop a 5 year …30/09/201810businessfinance