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PAD3711 Module one essay due Friday May 15PLACE ALL ANSWERS IN THIS ASSIGNMENT ON ONE WORD DOCUMENT ONLY, IDENTIFYING EACH ACCORDINGLY. This is the book Title: Garson, G. D. (2007). Modern public information technology systems: issues and challenges. Hershey, PA: IGI Pub. ISBN: 978-159904051-6  (chapter 1 attached to post)After reading Chapter One prepare a 200 word response to the conclusion which states “A Public Administration  graduate needs hands-on skills in computer applications, both mastery of generic applications and familiarity with dedicated applications. ‘The’ said graduate also needs to be conversant with the issues involved in successfully managing information technology and computer applications.” Place the essay questions along with your answers and the case study in the submission box as a Word Doc Attachment(APA format all documents are submitted into turnitin)