Packaging analysis

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Type the document [Type the document sub [Pick the [Type the company The chocolate is wrapped in aluminum foil which is covered on the outside by a layer of brown paper. The shape of packing is distinct from other commonly sold chocolates. the silver lettering makes it distinctive from other chocolates. Older design has been maintained till now and there hardly is any change seen during the past few decades. Legally mandated information on the package include the net weights of the product, the production and expiry dates, information related to nutrition and the ingredients that are contained in the product. The consumable product is wrapped in an aluminum foil which protects it from contamination by surrounding impurities. This also ensures that the product is safe for consumption till its expiry date. It is one of the old and trusted brands. it creates value for its customers because a part of the money spent on this product is spent for children’s benefit. The product creates value for retailers due to the fact that Hershey’s is a well-known brand which is widely consumed by people of all ages. for this reason they are willing to invest in the product since profits are definite (KPMG, 2012). The package aids in promotion of the product since the makers are always inclined towards making something that works. the packaging is old and it has created an identity itself.Regarding the message communicated by the product, it can be said that it is one of the oldest, tasty and reliable brands of chocolate. The chocolate cover is similar to the color of chocolate. Moreover, the product describes it as pure and simple and that is their unique selling point. As far as the ethics and environmental sustainability is concerned, they are committed towards making and delivering the products in ways that ensures both environmentally sustainability and socially responsibility. they consider business of building a better world as one of their duties. ReferencesKPMG (2012).The chocolate of tomorrow What today’s market can tell us about the future. Retrieved from