Pablo Picasso’s Three Musicians

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Full The Three Musicians Pablo Picasso’s Three Musicians is a cubist oil painting depicting three musicians playingtheir own instruments. The work of art is not really one to be gaze at, aesthetically speaking because it looks like the work of a child. Nevertheless, it shows an expert’s meticulous consideration about the subject matter expressed in a certain manner of artistry. As the title suggest, the painting is about three musicians. As a cubist painting, it reflects the use of geometrical figures, lines, colors, the ideas of perspective and proportion. which are systematically arranged to create the big picture of the three musicians. Triangular shapes, squares, rectangles, squares and other closed figures are very evident in the painting. For instance, the design of the clothing of the man in the middle is basically designed with triangles which make use of the bright colors orange and yellow. This gives a great impact on the viewer, making him concentrate more on the design rather than the childish painting itself. The men’s heads are made of irregular shapes, circles and other figures in order to give detail to the shapes of the men. The painting also uses thick and thin lines depending on the need. For example, the first man’s beard is made of fine lines while thicker lines were used on the notes to magnify them all the more. The painter showed the front view of the subjects, taking into consideration presenting their realistic proportions despite their cartoonish look. For example, the sizes of the hands, feet and hands could be said to be normal so that the images are easily deciphered. The aforementioned painting reflects the cubist era of approach to art. The use of geometric figures is very evident. Using vibrant colors, the painter attracts his audience’s attention to the subject matter. The painting is simplistic, showing a frontal perspective but renders realistic proportions.