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Oxfam’s Poverty Reduction Mission Although much has been done about poverty reduction through widespread industrialization, there are still scores who suffer in poverty. At least one in around three people in the world suffers in poverty. All over the world, Oxfam purposes to find pragmatic, innovative means to assist poor people thrive and move out of poverty. Oxfam saves lives during calamities and assists poor people in rebuilding their livelihoods during disasters. Through Oxfam, the voices of people from poverty-stricken regions are able to have an impact in both local and international decisions that have a direct link to them. In all that Oxfam does, the organization regards the contribution of partner organizations as essential and the inclusion of susceptible men and women inevitable to bring the injustices that underlie poverty to an end. Oxfam’s Geneva office bears the same objectives – to alleviate poverty (Oxfam, 1). This paper introduces the specific activities endowed to the Geneva, Switzerland offices in the collective goal of poverty reduction. In addition, this paper highlights the different ways through which Oxfam interacts with partner organizations and works with poor people to achieve its objective.
Oxfam’s Geneva offices are advocacy offices that work towards influencing key organizations from various parts of the world to take part in poverty alleviation. Oxfam Geneva approaches and interacts with organizations such as WTO, UNHCR, ICRC, UNCTAD, and OCHA, directly and indirectly. Oxfam also incorporates Geneva based civil society organizations and groups in its activities. The structure of the Geneva, Switzerland offices allow the organization to assess and develop strategies regarding global humanitarian matters, in specific humanitarian system development, disaster risk minimization, and global reactions to disasters and humanitarian crises in which the organization takes part on the ground. Other activities that take place in the Geneva offices include lobbying and development of an alliance to support agriculture and food security, access to medications, and climate change. Additionally, Oxfams Geneva offices conduct petitioning at the World Trade Organization (WTO) concerning poverty alleviation (Oxfam, 1).
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