Ovrpopultion in Jpn

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Ovrpopultion in Jpn Ntions tht do gt hndl on thir ovrpopultion r likly to rciv scolding from globlists. Considr Jpn, whr 126 million popl r crowddinto lnd r th siz of Cliforni. nnul popultion growth hs droppd to two-tnths of 1 prcnt. Rthr thn gtting crdit for hlting unsustinbl popultion growth, Wstrn conomists nd politicins chstis Jpn’s ldrs for lck of conomic prformnc. Jpn is dvisd to grow itslf out of rcssion so tht othr sin ntions with lss disciplin cn rsum thir growth. Som vn urg th Jpns to dmit lrgr numbrs of immigrnts to pump up dmnd for goods nd srvics. Whtvr bcm of th g of limits
Jpn’s popultion not only is ging, it will soon strt to shrink rpidly. In th pst 20 yrs, th ntion’s frtility rt hs droppd from 1.9 childrn pr womn to 1.4 – wll blow th rplcmnt lvl of two childrn pr coupl. Jpn continus its currnt bortion policis nd fils to ris its vrg birth rt of 1.4 childrn pr mrrid coupl, will hv fwr thn 500 popl by th yr 3000. This is not prophcy of th md um Shinrikyo cult, but rthr pronouncmnt of Jpn’s Ministry of Hlth nd Wlfr.
This loss of brin powr nd businss cpbility dds to th ngtiv burdn crtd by Jpn’s ngtiv birth rt nd thr r mny lrming projctions now vilbl, bsd on th nt rduction in popultion ch yr.
Jpn’s popultion not only is ging, it will soon strt to shrink rpidly. In th pst 20 yrs, th ntion’s frtility rt hs droppd from 1.9 childrn pr womn to 1.4 – wll blow th rplcmnt lvl of two childrn pr coupl (Nohiro).
ccounting for mor thn hlf of this frtility dclin r two trnds: Young popl r mrrying ltr in lif, nd th proportion who nvr mrry is rising rpidly. Btwn 1975 nd 1995, th mn g t mrrig incrsd from 25 to 28 yrs for womn nd from 28 to 31 yrs for mn, mking Jpn on of th ltst-mrrying popultions in th world. By 2010, th proportion still singl t g 50 is projctd to rch 10 prcnt for womn nd 20 prcnt for mn – fr cry from Jpn’s univrsl-mrrig socity of rlir yrs. Svrl conomic, socil nd culturl fctors ccount for ths trnds (Nohiro).
Longr schooling of womn tnds to dly mrrig, s dos pid mploymnt, which provids young, unmrrid womn with msur of finncil indpndnc tht rducs prssur to mrry rly. Th proportion of Jpns studnts who go on to collg is now highr for womn thn for mn, nd 99 prcnt of womn work for som tim bfor thy gt mrrid.
nothr fctor ttributing to th dcrs in popultion growth in Jpn is th strssful working conditions. Mn concntrt hvily on work nd lss on rcrtionl ctivitis. Bcus of th rsulting high strss lvls, ovrll sxul ctivity hs dclind nd th sprm count with it. Ths fctors, coupld with th high condom usg, hv slowd Jpns popultion growth. Th slowd growth hs rsultd in tmporry ging of th popultion, which crts minor problms, but is unvoidbl in ny fix to popultion growth (Wtnb).
Jpn hs problm of supporting th growing prcntg of ldrly popl with disproportiontly fwr young workrs to support thm. s dvlopd country, Jpn, hs this low birthrt problm. But thy hv grtr popultion dnsity thn th Philippins, which brings us bck to th issu of brin drin, which Jpn dos not sms to suffr s much. Or myb it’s th ht in th Philippins or ny tropicl country tht mks popl tird nd hoplss.
Jpn hs n ovr-popultion of th ldrly who no longr contribut to th conomic vibility of thir ntion. Thy r, on th othr hnd, undr-popultd in th work forc.
How hs th Jpns govrnmnt rspondd to ths trnds On th on hnd, it hs ctd to xpnd dy cr fcilitis (th ngl Pln) nd prntl lv with job-rturn rights ftr birth, nd to rduc working hours in lrg compnis with n y towrd rliving strin on fmilis. On th othr hnd, it hs trid to cop with strins on th socil scurity systm du to rpid ging of th popultion by trying to shift th costs of cring for th ldrly bck to fmilis.
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