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OUTLINE GUIDELINES Remember, this is an outline, not the final paper.Use the following outline format:I. IntroductionII. Person A Name and subtopic. Example: John Doe, examining the distribution of earthquakes and the frequency on Earth.a. what type of data will be graphed? This is a graph you will make using data collected through your online research. You do not have to include it now, but state what it will be covering, example “A line graph examining the number of earthquakes each year since the year 2000”.what type of data or figure will be included? This is a picture or figure you found in your research that you want to include in your paper. Be sure to list the source within the reference section of the final paper, and to include a source caption beneath the picture/figure in the final paper. Example OUTLINE GUIDELINESb. , “A picture of plate tectonic boundaries and the distribution of earthquakes during a given time”.III. Person Ba. data to be graphedb. data or figure to be includedIV. Person Ca. data to be graphedb. data or figure to includeV. Person Da. data to be graphedb. data or figure to be includedVI. Person Ea. data to be graphedb. data or figure to be includedVII. ConclusionVIII. ReferencesOnce you have submitted your group outline, complete group survey assessment 1.