Oscilloscope and Function Generator

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The oscilloscope and the Function Generator al affiliation: Introduction The purpose of this experiment, essentially, was to study and become familiar with function generators and oscilloscope. This was aimed at facilitating the appreciation of the important difference that exists between them. An oscilloscope can be as well be referred to as a voltmeter (high speed voltmeter) with the ability to display and measure the rapid variation in voltage or the potential difference. A function generator, on the other hand, produces a voltage signal that varies with time. Clearly, the functions of these two instruments are related, and in trying to understand the fundamental functioning of the two, the variables that were measured include the period (in seconds), the frequency (in Hz), and the peak-to-peak voltage (in volts).DiscussionThis experiment verifies the relation between frequency and time as F = 1/T as evidenced by the results. in the functioning of these machines, these variables are used in varied ways. With frequency and time being reciprocals of one another, and this relationship is fundamental when displaying a current waveform or an AC voltage on the screen of an oscilloscope (Witte, 2002). This, in a nutshell, brings out the functions, as well as the difference of the function generator and the oscilloscope. ConclusionHaving understood the basic functioning of the function generator and the oscilloscope by using the numerical values of the time, period, and voltage variables, this experiment demonstrated the difference between these two machines, but also practically demonstrated each variable as an independent variable in different mathematical contexts. The functional difference, as well as the functional similarity of the function generator and the oscilloscope shed light on the practical functioning of the machines and the different variables they measure. ReferencesTop of FormWitte, R. A. (2002). Electronic test instruments. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Bottom of Form