Organizational Structures Organizations and Behavior

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The organizational structure of Baresi is similar to that of McDonald’s in terms of hierarchy, but Baresi’s is extremely hierarchical. Top managers at McDonald’s keep close contact with subordinates, but Baresi offers little input from middle managers. The organizational structure of McDonald’s is also different from that of Baresi because it offers independence for employees to perform their tasks. It offers a structured mechanism for managing information needs of its simple tasks. Baresi is split on a departmental basis in which employees perform tasks according to what managers tell them.The organizational cultures of the McDonalds are different because Baresi’s is bureaucratic and McDonald’s is collaborative with all employees operating within common values to achieve common goals. The culture of Baresi is guided by rules and procedures while the culture of McDonald’s is guided by values and principles. Employees at McDonald’s perform individualized simple tasks in an independent manner. Employees of Baresi have little independence. McDonald’s employees are also well motivated because they perform simple tasks, have a well balanced work-family life, and get holidays and recognition often. Employees of Baresi are motivated with financial rewards which do not have a significant impact. Organizational structure is concerned with the formal lines of authority and responsibility. it is about how things are done and structured to achieve set objectives.