Organizational Development in HRD Change Model

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harmaceutical industry is also risky because to develop a drug requires huge investments and out of the many thousands of discovered compounds, only one might be approved drug for sale with the failure rate being high and very difficult to get the return on investment. Also, the high stakes required at the organization if the research and development shows that the total cost of the project does not reach the fruition needed.The organization also is also experiencing that the costs of healthcare have consistently raised faster than the GDP thus creation of an unsustainable situation in healthcare systems, whether it is publicly or privately funded. As a result, new barriers have been erected to market entry. pressures have increased on the pricing, reimbursement, and besides customers are increasingly demanding for evidence of the value for money. The costs of doing research and development have risen more sharply than the rate of inflation, while the number of drugs that were reaching the market has steadily fallen. Changes will pave way for improved integration between the company’s customer service activities, underwriting, and excellence in operationsVision is the strong belief focused on the right course of action. It is the most vital component when faced high uncertainties and actions are hard to contract. The vision of the organization: provision of access to safe, effective and affordable medicines and the related health care services to the people. Mission: Our priorities are God, people, and business.The core values of the organization: Leading portfolio of products and medicines that supports , wellness and safety of the population. committed to the application of science and our resources to improve the health and well being at every stage of life by providing high quality drugs. efficiency in the provision of services. operating on transparency. working in partnership with everyone from the patients to the health care providers to world