Organizational Design Analysis

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From over 100 manufacturers for customers to choose from, Rock Auto is able to ship thousands of auto parts to every continent in the world, with the exception of APO/FPO addresses and Antarctica. Rock Auto is able to position themselves high above their competitors, by offering auto parts and applications for car models from the 1940’s to the newest models of cars. They also built their database using data obtained directly from the manufacturers, giving flexibility and variety to all customers. I had the opportunity to interview four employees: Senior level. Jim Taylor (President), Sandra Taylor (VP Customer Service) Midlevel. Serena Johnson (HR Manager), Lower level. Nicole Evans (CSR). As with any other business, they are in business to bring in a profit and fulfill the needs of customers searching for auto parts. They are able to bring in high profits, due to the fact, they hold no inventory, and all merchandise is sent directly to the customer from one of their contracted distributors. Rock Autos organizational philosophy stems from providing exceptional customer service, where responsiveness to the customer is a top priority. Their strategy has a long-term focus to earn customers trust and respecting customer’s time, maintaining a strict and high standard of excellence and no nonsense policy for all employees to adhere too. Rock Auto is a small organization with less than 100 employees. There are currently 97 employees total. Thirty-five are full-time, including senior management and 62 are part-time employees all mid to lower level. The CSR’s, manufacturers and its technology are the most important components to the company and its environment. The number of important components is large in relation to the company in its entirety. In regards to the technology and manufacturers, they can change very slowly as we have been working with some of the same manufacturers since our opening in 1999. Serena Johnson stated that their technology has not changed much as they use the internet, email and soft pads for all correspondence between their customers, shippers, distributors and manufacturers, we may upgrade to a higher level of internet speed, to ensure accuracy and efficiency. The company’s dominant technology is the computer systems and the internet. Jim Taylor stated, We use email and e-commerce to transform our inputs, which would allow the customer to place an order, via email, our website or call one of our CRS’s. Once the order is placed, the CSR confirms the parts are available and our distributors ship the orders (outputs) to the customers. All of the four agreed that they would characterize Rock Autos’ environment as certain. As all the information, from the results and alternatives in regards to decision making, is always made available to all employees. Two of the three interviewed stated that the company is flexible to respond to environmental changes and have been doing a great job. The other two seem to feel that the company is too rigid, in relation to its application of rules and procedures with the CSRs. The CRS are supposed to have ability for daily decision making related to their jobs, such as choice of schedule, vacation time, and sick leave and in relation to decisions concerning customers, such as credits, refunds and returns. Even though, Rock Auto provides a trust system in regards to employee time sheets, prior to receiving a paycheck, HR, will go over each time