Organizational Charts

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Project Project Artha Corporation has a current goal of doubling its sales in the next financial year. The Corporation deals in recycled unique lighting products and sells them online or through a series of regional distributors. Serving as the departmental manager for human resources department and marketing and finance as well, I am to come up with ways of breaking the goals as assigned by the vice president with directives from the owner Mary Artha. There is little time available in meeting the goals hence plans should be developed to help the entire functional area succeed. The said goals have to be broken down into activities and tasks for the departments with addition of seven new positions for sales and marketing department and two additional positions in human resources department.
With provision of new resources to all department manager at, there is a need for the creation of new positions and opportunities for new employees. The approach will assist in making sure that the organization meets its goal of having the responsibility of hiring new employees under sales, marketing, and human resource department. This requires the attention of the functional area background, which include planning, organization, leadership and control of the new set of additional employees.
Under sales and marketing, I will add seven new employees and position them strategically to be productive to help the organization meet its goals. In consideration to all the already available positions under sales and marketing, I concluded opening new positions, which include the regional sales manager. This is slightly different from sales manager position and the position of business and market analysts. These positions will meet the company’s goals of achieving double income. With a new integration of this new department, the organization will be in a position to extend its sales activities from an overall department overseeing all the branches of the organization to multiple sales offices running independently in all the branches from all over they are. All the regional sales managers should then harmonize all the branches under one department, which is the sales department. The new sales and marketing organizational chat will look as follows.
Business analysis has emerged as a major business practice. It acts as a link between organization information technology competencies and the business objectives where skilled business analysts contribute to profitability, with employment of business analysts by Artha Corporation will help in seizing opportunities presented by changing markets. The newly employed business analysts will also help in the determination of the corporation’s adaptability, agility and ability to manage change through innovation. On the side, department managers will need to hire 30 new employees with two new human resource generalists. They will help with screening, interviewing and hiring of new employees. The new human resource generalists employed will be required to display excellent organizational and good communication skills while displaying a strong positive, high-energy attitude. They will also be able to have all the knowledge and skills required during the process of recruiting, staffing logistics, organizational and space planning, employee orientation, development and training. With the employment of two new human resource generalists, the human resource organizational chat will looks as follows.
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In conclusion, Artha Corporation’s performance and goals achievement depends largely on their approach on human resource and employment of new workforce to allow for new ideas and creativity in the organization for profitability and adaptability to changing markets.
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