Organization change and Development

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ity a solid know as to how things would shape up within the coming times and how success would be achieved with significant changes every now and so often. Organizational development could either be built upon the premise of change on a short term basis or one from the long term standpoint. It gives the stakeholders a close cut feel of the things that might happen over a period of time and which shall take place for the success regimes of the organization essentially.An organization is a subset of the thinking bases of the people who work for it and work within its domains. This organization does not get manifested in any other way apart from the required tasks of the top management and the people who are at the helm of affairs within the related settings. It is important that these people realize what is their responsibility towards the people who work within the organization and who do their best to achieve the goals with limited resources at their disposal (Church 2002). Moreover, organizational significance is manifested time and again by the efforts and endeavors of the people who make things happen within the organization itself. This is a true representation of how things eventually happen for the goodness and sanity that prevails within any organization at the end of the day. Organizational development seems to be a missing link when people are inclined more towards their personal goals and manifestations and hence this is one scenario that seems to play a very negative role within the discussion basis for this paper. Change has to come from within in order to be remarked as a positive subset of organizational harmony and accord. Similarly, development is an important consideration – one that is given more and more importance by the top management regimes within any organizational discourse (Sugrue 1999).Organizational studies have long and hard brought the notion of development and change to the fore because this has touched upon deep and incisive