Organisational Information Systems

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Using decision express software credit authorization was processed, moreover tracking was done which raddled process managers in 12 min rather than 90 min. In addition to that information about price, quality and delivery date, capturing information on each steel product composition size and thickness. The outcome of these was, the customers were benefited because of exact information by tracking and hence the repeated orders were given as feedback.

Regarding the order fulfillment systems, the input was the data management software from oracle to handle product specifications and prices for customers. The order fulfillment system was replaced with IQ technologies which helped in tracking orders and an automatic generation system for repeat customers. It also helped to forecast the demand and maintain the inventory more efficiently. Thus the electronic orders and order fulfillment systems with the tracking systems, by using the software’s helped to know about the price, quality, and delivery date with inventory management served as the best system for the customers.

The electronic order system and the order fulfillment system were the major Process Control systems involved, as the process control systems monitor and control the physical process. Another type of IS observed here was the manufacturing information system.

The USS was using the information system in different departments to integrate. The purchasing department was using the electronic orders by the customers by using the web, the specifications of the steel were got as input and for the production limitations and capabilities, they, in turn, enquired in the production department. Even to calculate the cost and delivery date. The IT department with its software capabilities was able to collect the uncollectible debts through the finance department and IT. USS was able to track the products.

Thus the process control systems with the integration of different levels of departments like order fulfillment, purchasing, manufacturing, finance, IT and logistics were able to meet out the scheduled delivery dates, tracking the orders properly and I maintaining optimum inventory and even the third-party service centers to customers were facilitated by managing the entire supply chain through integrated system.